Jan 2018 - The Big Island, ‘Aloha’ Is a Way of Life

Over New Year’s 2019, six riders, two from Ireland, one from England and three from the mainland went searching for the spirit of Aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii. For most, it was their first time to the Hawaiian Islands, a few had been to the resorts on Maui, but most had never ventured to the less visited corners of the Big Island that RAID prefers.

Cycling through charming towns and upcountry sights less visited by most, these outlier villages are inhabited by a mixture of old locals and long-time transplants seeking a more laid-back life. Our riders found a welcoming warmth wherever they went and that sense of aloha came to characterize much of their visit to Hawaii.

The 4,000-square-mile Big Island is, essentially, one huge volcano. (More accurately, five volcanoes that erupted and overlapped with fiery magma flows.) It’s the perfect island to cycle, with relatively quiet roads, misty mountain climbs, black sand beaches, steaming volcanoes and the freshest farm to table food found on the island.

We hope to see you on our 2020 Big Island journey.