Founder, Brad Sauber, Japan


RAID is rooted in the truth of the human journey. Simply, RAID is the most authentic, curated, and in-depth experience an individual can have on a bicycle. Built from decades of experience in the travel and cycling spaces, RAID has been created to deliver its guests the hidden and undiscovered of the far (and near) corners of the globe. Right now, RAID creates cycling experiences in a select number of hand-picked destinations, curated especially for the adventure-seeking intermediate to advanced cyclist.

Founded by long-time tour operator and life-long cyclist Brad Sauber and his wife Dawn, RAID is built around Brad’s 25+ years of experience and vision in providing guests unparalleled experiences in unexpected locales. When it comes to creating a memorable excursion, the cycling industry turns to Brad. He’s pushed to the limits of what makes destination experiences real, bringing cyclists to places exotic – unspoiled Bhutan, to seemingly domestic  - the magnificent California Coast.

Every RAID trip is as unique as our guests. We construct the narrative of the journey from our participants’ backgrounds, juxtaposed with the nuance of our destinations - and the personalities you’ll find there. We strive to create personal freedom through a sport oft-confined by metrics, art and the machine, bound by shared discovery.

At our core is a culture that has formed organically, influenced by like-minded riders, the tenets of which have: the spirit of adventure and exploration, a passion for quality, and a certain rhythm of life.

If the RAID spirit intrigues you, we hope you’ll come along for a ride.