We’ve been lucky enough to create inspirational trips for thousands of guests, and what better testament to this than to hear the great things they have to say about their experience, and our service.

Dear brad- just wanted to say that your Japan trip has been the absolute highlight of my year and perhaps, life to date. It was such a pleasure to be a part of your creation and experience the country in this way.
— Aleda, Japan 2018
Thanks again for organizing this awesome trip. I had a fantastic time. Cycling through the inspiring NM landscapes was a truly remarkable experience and a great adventure. The roads, climbs and descents were superb and the insights into Native American, European American and Mexican heritage profound. Thanks Keyth and Brad for an unforgettable trip.
— Christian, New Mexico, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed the SoCal trip. The days were often long and the climbs challenging, but the scenery and comradeship of like-minded riders made it worthwhile. Throughout the trip, we were exceptionally well-looked after by Keyth and Jared. Not only did they provide support, cook a mean meal, but were also prepared to endure some long pulls into some pretty strong headwinds. The entire trip ran extremely smoothly and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering it - you will emerge a better rider for it.
— Quinton, Nov LA to SD 2018
Among so many, one indelible memory stands out.  We were deep into the trip’s final ride when we pulled into the picturesque village of Miyama, which nestles just on the other side of our final climbs to Kyoto.  We stopped for lunch at such a simple, yet elegant thatched hut restaurant that oozed authentic Japan.  The moment provided the opportunity to reflect in that perfect combination of incredible riding and adventure of new places.  As we feasted on the house-made Soba noodles, it reminded me of the opening line in Rapha’s description of the Japan Randonnée that drew me to this trip, “And that certain magic that makes a place special?  Japan has it in spades.”
— Chris, Japan 2018
Such an amazing experience it is hard to isolate any one item.  From the amazing back road climbs to the cultural experience that only Japan can provide.  Brad’s vision for this trip and flawless execution is precisely what a rider like myself seeking an otherworldly adventure is after.  And I would be remiss to not mention the crew who are the kindest, most hardworking crew around.  Their infectious positive energy and smiles will always stick with me.
— Andrew, Japan 2018
Brad was working some time-travel magic on us… one morning, riding through rice fields in feudal Japan… then another afternoon, grinding up overgrown roads and hiking over rock-slides in a landscape that felt abandoned by humans for a hundred years.

This was a real adventure and I’ll never forget the combination of people, challenge, landscapes, food - or the exquisite details that could be as simple as a bunch of grapes or getting off the bike to dive in the ocean when I was right on the red line.
— Matt, Japan 2018
“The Japan Randonne is a phenomenal road trip, cycling adventure and cultural experience. It is not a normal cycling trip, it is a piece of art!”
— Rune, Japan 2018
Just wanted to let you know that Utah and PDX-SF were two of the best rides I have ever done, and hopefully not the last with you
— Dirk, PDX - SFO 2018
Our Colorado trip was one of the greatest / most fun things I’ve ever done in my life — and I get around...I fly over 125k miles a year, all around the world. But the physical and mental challenges on that trip, plus how great you guys were, and such a pleasure to be with, made it really special five days. 
— Brenden, Aspen & Vail Raid, 2018
I have been on a number of bike tours in USA. I felt that like the other rides I have been on with Brad the bike riding was tremendous with fabulous scenery and great support but for me what set the New Mexico apart was the extra emphasis on the Local culture and food experience unique to America. And there is always a tremendous camaraderie among the group with riders encouraging each other through out the journey.
— Kevin, New Mexico Raid 2018
I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a few high-end travel tours and can state hands-down that this is the best travel experience I’ve had. The hard work, professionalism and dedication to your guests is evident.
— Michael, Aspen & Vail Raid, 2018
You and your team were, as I am sure you have heard many times, fantastic on all fronts. But you guys delivered the right kind of experience for people who love to ride. It was gritty yet comfortable. When the guides rode with us it wasn’t to coddle, it was to push. When we stopped for support the drivers would get the job done and then tell us to get going. All in all, it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.
— Bill, France 2016
So, you could say the odds were against me having one of the most rewarding and inspirational experiences of my life - yet that is exactly what the trip proved to be. I would like to express my particular gratitude to Brad for being so positive and supportive and for literally dragging me up the most difficult climbs.
— John, France 2016
If you want to spend your week riding deserted roads, with stunning vistas, a great and varied route, and in almost guaranteed sunshine then New Mexico could be the trip for you. If you also like your days filled with historical references, cultural interjections, terrific food and wine experiences and getting connected with a truly special part of the world, then New Mexico IS the trip for you.
— Tim, New Mexico, 2018
I thought the flexible approach to each day was particularly notable and I never felt under any pressure to ride. And thank you for giving Nick and I the opportunity to ride on the Tour rest day - that was a perfect solution for us and again all down to your flexible, accommodating approach. The attention to detail continued to be immaculate.
One is left feeling so well looked after - pampered even - and with the appetite for more.
— Claire, TDF France 2015
After my Rapha Randonnee in Colombia I thought I had seen it all. But I didn’t...Japans environment, its people and their culture were eye opening. The variety of the landscape and climate changes on one day are almost unlimited but even when it’s raining it feels natural. Banzai!!!!
— Ronald, Japan 2018
Last week I went on the greatest cycling trip of my life-so far. But this trip was more than riding a bike.  It was a personal, very personal trip.  My 21-year old son died in May in a tragic car crash.  The very next week the e-invite for this trip appeared and as I talked with my wife and daughter about how much comfort I get from riding, this trip would serve as part of my recovery-part of my therapy plan if you will, to help me get in touch with my new reality.  Brad and Ben are not just great guides and people, they are true gems as human beings.  They each have experienced loss and understand the weight of personal grief, and understand how to be there for someone in an understated way.  I realize some of this may sound like a cliché, but as I was three months into this adventure these guys were there for me, and I will forever remember them as truly great human beings.  As the trip progressed I observed them treating all of the guests equally underscoring their true nature.
— Andrew, Colorado, 2013