Our custom designed ‘18 Mercedes Sprinter van is never far behind. We transport your luggage & bike cases with ease *only on our domestic tours. Transfer up to 12-bicycles when necessary and the van is always available to serve a roadside espresso, fill your bottles with Osmo, hand out a hand-made rice cake or pass you a Clif bar. And when needed, jump in & let us take you to the top of that of that brutal climb. Our staff mechanics will tune your bike roadside if needed, as we fully stock each van with tires, tubes, Co2, Lezyne track pumps and our professional kit of Park pro-team tools.

The RAID recovery lounge is set up each afternoon at our hotel. In addition to Osmo recovery shakes, some nibbles and local cold beer, we carry a selection of leg compression systems which go on the legs. They use compressed air to massage your tired limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery. It’s all part of your trip, it’s included.